Ghostship? MH370

After many miss starts, after the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 turned around and headed South over the vast Indian Ocean, the search finally focused on an area the size of Colorado, 1500 miles East of Perth, Australia. That flight path it seems suggests some logical possibilities. (1) The pilots would be searching for a place to land before the fuel ran out. (2) At first, logic suggests that the pilots would be searching for abandoned air strips built during WWI; but none seem to have been located in the Indian Ocean. (3) The plane apparently had more fuel than originally thought because it flew longer than its original estimates of the amount of fuel would allow. (4) But it did have to run out of fuel and given its bearings, it would have had to go down in the Indian Ocean where the search is now focused. 6) Because of the distance of the suspected area when the plane ran out of fuel, search planes have only two hours flying time to actually search for signs of the downed plane. (7) Because the search area is said to be as large as Colorado it could be weeks or months before any sign of the downed plane is located.

These circumstances suggest the following. 1) Criminal hijacking. But to what purpose? Simple suicide murders by downing a plane as opposed to bombing a restaurant or other public gathering spot? (2) Criminal kidnapping of some passenger from the 239 aboard. But, so far no person of significance has been mentioned as being a passenger. (3) Pilot and/or co-pilot executing a death wish. But, why? What would compel them to sacrifice 239 strangers just to end their lives? And, given their backgrounds that, so far as known today, are as normal as can be expected, what would have driven them to such an insane act?

Another question that may never be answered is what were the passengers doing all this time? What explanations were given to them, if any, as to why the plane was flying on and on? Why would they all just sit there facing certain death, or at least immense uncertainty that had to change to awareness of certain death, did they do nothing to take over control of the plane? Assuming none of the passengers knew how to fly the plane, their options were to (1) Subdue the person that hijacked the plane – even if held at gun point, someone had to realize they were going to die anyway, so the risk of being shot was academic. (2) Subdue the pilots and make them fly the plane to safety. (3) Seize the radio equipment and signal for help.

But another scenario suggests itself. Could an odorless gas have been released at some point, immobilizing the passengers and the crew after the plane turned. Perhaps even before it turned if the pilots were also immobilized and the plane left to fly itself was programmed to make the U-turn somehow. Regardless of whether the pilot, crew and passengers were immobilized before the U-turn, given the lack of any known actions while the plane continued to fly south over the Indian Ocean with its fuel being drained, it makes some sense to believe that everyone on the plane was either already dead or drugged and hence incapable of doing anything to try and save their lives. Adding to this speculation is the possibility that the perpetrator(s) would not be at risk themselves because they could have placed the gas in the plane’s air system before the plane took off.

Even if this theory makes some sense, it still leaves questions. Why this flight? Why these passengers? Why this airline? Is the answer “randomness”?

Suicide bombers kill for the sake of killing. Seldom is there a specific person or persons targeted. A random killing for the sake of killing is perhaps an answer if coupled with opportunity. The reason this flight was chosen was because the killers were able to have access to rig the air system and carry out their mass murders. So, investigation might focus on the ground crew that serviced the plane before it took off. In addition, what about the security of the area where the plane was kept before being placed in service? Could anyone gain access to the plane before it was placed in service?

Caveat! Even if one of these scenarios is possible, what is lacking is that no one has claimed responsibility as is the usual case when suicide bombings are carried out.

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